The project is funded by the HEA and is being undertaken on behalf of SEDA.

Project overview:

This project will evaluate awareness, understanding and  use of the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) at institutional and individual level in the UK HE sector. We’ll be trying to find out to what extent the Framework has had an influence on practice – both at institutional and individual levels.


To provide a snapshot of current awareness and use of the UKPSF in the UK HE sector and offer baseline information which can be used to assess change in impact of the UKPSF in future research.


The project aims to establish

  • current levels of awareness and understanding of the UKPSF in the HE sector
  • attitudes, obstacles, challenges and opportunities in the UKPSF
  • uptake and variations in practice in use of the UKPSF

Key research questions:

!. What are current levels of awareness of the UKPSF?

2. To what extent has the UKPSF had an impact on policy and practice within the HE sector?

3. What evidence exists that demonstrates the impact of the UKPSF within the sector?

 Research design:

This study employs a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods of data capture and analysis and comprises 3 main strands:

1. a survey of key informants who have an overview of institutional activity and who can offer evidence of the extent of institutional use and impact of the UKPSF.

2.  a wider suvey, involving a random sample of teaching staff, to establish individual-level awareness, attitudes, uses and impact of the UKPSF.

3.  series of interviews providing more detailed accounts of uses of the UKPSF. These will result in institutional case studies.

We will also be producing a set of vodcasts intended to capture individual experiences of the UKPSF.


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